The man i saw walking home

Coming from the studio I walk from the background of this picture (south), to the foreground of this picture (north).


The roundabout behind this picture is marked by a huge billboard,

‘Nairobi, Meet Istanbul!’

‘Widen your world’  The trendy advert for Turkish Airlines temps passers by.

I cross a Zebra and turn onto another road with a wide pavement. It’s 5.40pm and there is a hazy feel as the sun is setting through a fair amount of cloud. Many people are walking home, mainly on their own, some women in pairs, or threes. The commuter’s pace of walk is not slow, yet it is not fast, like the London commute, there is no need.

A woman walking with another lady has two five-litre bottles of water balanced on her head in a plastic bag. The tie of the plastic bag keeping the bottles companionably close together. The bottoms of the bottles make an upside down shallow V shape on top of her head.

She looks comfortable though I’m sure it’s relatively heavy.

I pass the women to see an old man walking slowly on my left. His legs look thin in his slightly baggy trousers, a size or two too big. I wonder if he has a meal waiting for him when he got home. It looks like it is a struggle for him to walk.

I briefly consider handing him a note, but before I have a chance to work out if that would be socially acceptable, I walk past.

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