It’s about the nail

This really quite funny video highlights the inability sometimes of women to be able to express themselves.



So the idea of the woman as crazy is something that has been created since Victorian women were seen as weak, and has continued through Hollywood movie culture in the way that the majority female leading/supporting roles are either crazy, and/or having violence committed against them in some way.

This is because it’s very watchable for the male gaze to feel powerful, because, among many other reasons it replicates the way women have always been seen as the weaker sex in terms of – not being able to own property, go to work, be independent – be fully ‘adult’.

This video portrays the woman as crazy, (its obviously the nail!) but highlights an important point in forms of a discourse between men and women.

Every human being wants to be listened to, sometimes it’s not about the problem (nail), it’s about being heard. A friend of mine, Penny, was recently recounting that there were instances at her work place where she has seen people complain, talk, and once they have got it off their chest they are happy – i.e. it’s not necessarily about the problem (they can fix that themselves), it’s about telling somebody about the problem, so they are aware what that colleague is going through.

Often women feel that they can’t get their point across, and men cannot undersand why they find it so complicated.

Why can’t men understand?

Because men have been trained throughout their life through Internet through the news channels and through seeing their fellow ‘men’ public speaking, that: they are allowed to talk, and their opinion is valued.


In the public sphere according to a review of the below studies, men speak or are visible approximately x4 more than women! (that’s 75% of time/column inches)

–          Movies: Only 28.4 percent of speaking roles in the top 100 films of 2012 went to women.

–          Newspapers: 78% of front-page articles are written by men, and 84% of those quoted or mentioned are male

–          Radio: Women make up only 20% of solo radio broadcasters, research reveals.

–           & a study finds four times more male experts than female appear on Today and TV bulletins

–          Politics: Congress is 80 percent male & in the UK: in 2012 there were more people in government called Dave and Nick than there were women MP’s.

Women get the idea that their opinion is valued x4 times less. It is this – rather than the nail – which is embedded in our society.

Until Radio, TV and Newspapers start consciously promoting women into visible roles, new generations  won’t understand that either.
This video makes a joke about women not being heard, which is a certain cultural truth, which is why people feel it is so poignant.

Why I find it uncomfortable is that it’s poking fun at the woman as crazy,  instead of exploring why the woman is unheard.


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